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Prostitution, Women's Rights and Our Stance

I was scrolling through the streets of instagram and happened upon one influencer's post. A recommendation of an amazing Indian movie. I had just watched RRR and was still locked in the Indian movie zone, I wasn't ready to leave just yet so I decided to give the almost 3 hour movie a chance (2hrs 33mins to be exact).

It started off with a scene of a young girl being decorated against her will. Before long I was able to decipher it was a case of child prostituting. Then the story goes on to depict a young lady who ran off with her lover in the hopes of becoming a Bollywood star (actor) but instead was sold off to a brothel and then had to make lemonades with the lemons life had given her.

Half way through the movie, I said to myself 'well, this can't have been the amazing movie this influencer was gushing over' All i've seen up to this moment is glorification of prostitution'.

I decided to go back to the post and read the comments again. To my amazement, I wasn't wrong. It was filled with praises like ''amazing storyline'', ''you are responsible for your life, you can either take the bull by the horn or keep selling out your pity stories to people'', ''Inspiring'', ''Exceptional'', ''liberating'' and the accolades continued. I was aghast!

Was it the same movie I was watching or I had missed a turning somewhere and had clicked on a look alike title. I decided to go back to the movie.

So basically, this titular character (who is based off of a true life story) decided to be the voice of the prostitutes and give them hope and a future. Now this sounds all well and good. Of course EVERYONE should have a right to live in safety without the thoughts of abuse and their homes being taken away BUT my disconnect stemmed from the core the movie tried to sell- PROSTITUTION and LIBERATION.

Nah these two don't go well with me. It is understandable that we can't choose the kind of life or circumstances life throws at us, but we can choose to remain in bondage or break free. But this movie was presenting another alternative- Choosing to live, thrive and defend a life of bondage in the guise of freedom!

Let me draw out a few lines from the titular character's speech to shed more light on what I mean

''...People think we are dishonest, no problem. But do this dishonest work (prostitution) with honesty''

''A flower by nature is fragrant, whether it is in a temple or a shrine, at a brothel or funeral, spread your fragrance. Satisfy your clients fully! but also remember to get paid fully''

''A qualified person sells his intelligence but we sell our bodies. We work bloody hard. What's wrong with that!''

''Do you know what the oldest profession in the world is? Prostitution. Without us, even heaven is incomplete''


''We have more dignity than you. Ask me how? You lose your dignity once and it's gone forever. We sell our dignity every night and yet it never seems to run out.''

''...If there was no Kamathipura , this city would turn into a jungle! Women would be raped. Families will fall apart, relationships will end...''

You know what? At this point i'm tired. So basically what the lady is saying is that the brothel or prostitutes serve as checks and balances for sex hungry men who would other wise have gone on raping sprees. How about you arrest the sex hungry men and create a saner society where women are safe! Instead of trying to justify the ungodly act.

To be honest, prostitution has been around for centuries. I recall, Tamar pretending to be a prostitute so Judah (In the bible) could sleep with her and she could reclaim her honour by bearing a child. There's also the story of Rahab the prostitute who helped Caleb and Joshua when they went to scope out Jericho. And also in the new testament, we have Mary Magdalene who was a prostitute who became a follower of Jesus. There was the story of the woman caught in adultery in John 8 and although her name wasn't mentioned, some believe it was Mary Magdalene.

When her accusers brought her before Jesus demanding that Judgement be meted out on her, Jesus simply said ''He who is without sin should be the first to stone her'' (paraphrased)

We see that one by one her accusers left till she was left alone with Jesus and then He said, ''I also do not condemn you. Go and sin no more''

That is what I want us to hold on to ''Go and sin no more'' but this movie as with every agenda the devil tries to sell is a warped idea of freedom. If Jesus doesn't judge you by your past, should you then choose to continue living in sin and claim to be set free? This is mind- boggling for me! And the fact that believers have no problem with it is even more disconcerting. Have we no discernment? Can't we see what the devil is doing, I mean it's in plain sight! 1corinthians 6:15 says "Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ? Shall I then take the members of Christ and make them members of a prostitute? Never!". Adultery and fornication are also clearly stated as sins in Galatians 5:19.

What I've noticed is that the devil usually wraps his agenda or sin in a cloak of goodness or seeming righteousness but at the core of it is still a way to separate us from God.

Unbelievers may not get this but as believers we should be discerning and watchful.

Oh before i forget, the name of the movie is Gangubai Kathiawadi. I had gone off and forgotten to even tell you the name. Lol!

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