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I Love K&C Dramas BUT I Hope They Believe In Jesus

Updated: Jan 11

I believe it was in early 2011 the korean wave made it's way to Nigeria with hits like 'Boys Over Flowers, City Hunter, A Man Called god (cuz no one but the original gets the big G), Jumong and a host of others. Then, we'd buy cds of a drama series from season 1-8 only to discover later on with the advent of Netflix, Viki and the likes that they were mostly 1 season but our Aba brothers decided to divide them into 6-10 cds to cash out from unsuspecting k drama lovers.

Thankfully these days, we've found an alternative to suit our desires through streaming platforms. What are the latest dramas? What Is Wrong With Secretary Kim, Crash Landing On You, Who Rules The World (C-drama), Ashes of Love, Eternal Love, Business Proposal, Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Shooting Stars, something that has to do with souls (If you know you know😉) and a host of others (sorry if I didn't mention your favorite 😄 )

Why exactly do we love K&C dramas? For me, there's an innocence and realness to it that lacks in major hollywood movies/series. Now, this, remember is my own opinion, you may or may not share it. From scripting to acting to production design, lighting, directing and all, they always have a way of immersing you completely in the story that you can't stop till you get to the end. I don't even remember the last time I watched hollywood movies or any other wood tbh.

While I enjoy them immensely, I can't help but notice (sadly) the non existence of anything spiritual (Godly- referring to God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit) and when there are (these days they have quite a number of dark themed spiritual dramas) they are etched in so much darkness that you can tell this was influenced by a demon. But you know what? With how dark they are, they still manage to be interesting enough that you try to reason out the darkness. Some I see and I'm like nahhh, The Holy Spirit won't let me watch this. Others that aren't too deep, I go ahead to watch.

Back to what I was saying, every movie or drama leaves an imprint in your mind. I just finished watching shooting stars and at the end of it, I said to the Holy Spirit- This was a good drama but I can't help but notice that there was fornication in there and they managed to create a world in which there was zero mention of God. The characters were also able to surmount their problems through love and friendship. This is cute but we know the truth, while friendship and love (real love as defined in 1 corinthians 13:1-7) are important in life, a relationship with God through Jesus is really what sustains us.

What really happens is the more we watch and fall in love with these series, we accept in our minds that there is a world that exists where God isn't at the center, where Jesus didn't come and salvation is non-existent and where the Holy Spirit might just be another ghost. It's sad but that's the world of K-dramas we have so come to love.

For a long time, I used to imagine The United States was burning over with sin and immorality and that truly nothing moral could come out of the country but then through social media, I've found a number of preachers with large followers who are based in the US and who God has given assignments to bring people back to Him. The devil will have us believe the gospel is long forgotten and only people from third world countries still have faith but that's a lie. So I said to myself, if the US can be this way then probably I shouldn't judge south korean movies as a complete portrayal of the society; afterall, even Nigerian movies these days are starting to run mad with all sorts of filth and that doesn't represent half of the people in the country. I decided to make google my friend and research christianity in S.Korea.

Here are my findings;

-Many church leaders have been arrested over allegations of corruption (🤦🏽‍♀️😫)

-Many youths are leaving the church and becoming aethists 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

-I checked the bios of some of our favorite celebs and no mention of God o 😭😩 Some had baptismal names and all like Gong Yo from Guardian The Lonely And Great God (This drama wasn't so interesting to me)

Read for yourselves here,-Yoido-mega-church-pastor-sentenced-30377.html

Someone needs to tell these people that fine boy dinnor mean heaven o. Heaven is only for those who believe and confess Jesus Christ as Lord. Fine boy still use to go to hell 😭😭.

Let us keep them in our prayers and pray that as the word spread in Acts of the apostle, God will also send men to deliver the good news to them and that many will believe. I know that even now there are missionaries being sent to S.Korea and sent out of S.Korea to other countries.

Remember to say a word of prayer for your favorite celebrities.

Always! The word of God prevails!


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