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I Have A Thing With Unbelievers Playing Leading Roles In Christian Film Productions

UNBELIEVERS, Semi-believers ( I don't know if that’s a word but I know it’s a reality) they are one and the same. Either you are in or out 😕. However, there's an acceptable position called 'work in progress' which thankfully we are all in.

People become celebrities, influencers for a reason. Something marks them out, sets them apart. Before social media became a 'thing', we knew nothing of influencers. We had CELEBRITIES who basked in the euphoria of fame and all its benefits and challenges.

One of the first things I do after watching a really good film is go online to view the statistics. When was it produced? How much did production cost? What company handled CGI? Basically the production details (blame the film maker instinct in me lol). Once all of that is settled, I move on to the leading cast. The main leads. If I love them too much, I stalk their social media pages (don't believe me? Check how many followers your favorite k-drama actors have.) I want to know all about them. Are they christians? A step further, are they believers? Are they married? What's their daily routine like? Lol, it's so crazy! Sometimes, depending on my love for their role or character, I begin to like what they like in real life. Once I begin to follow them on social media, that's it! I've been completely sold to them.

I'm heavily invested in Christian movies production, sadly, I've been disappointed one too many times with the quality of some - production wise- never with the God theme but more the story line and production quality. So imagine the HUMONGOUS disappointment when I happen to find one good one and then go straight to the actors profiles and I see that their lifestyle in REAL LIFE is completely opposite to the character they played! Such a HUGE letdown!

Just how can you have an actor play a role where He is a pastor or won over by Christ or... you get what I mean. And then, the next thing, I see him or her playing roles in other movies that are miles apart from him in the character I came to love. Now, this isn't to say they can't play other roles BUT roles in movies with general themes pushing fornication, adultery, stealing and other vices that do not push the agenda of Christ really irks me.

I believe gospel film makers should understand the power their actors wield. It's like having a pastor preach on Sunday and catching him at a club (CHILLING, cuz I know some of you may say ''oh, what if he's there to preach?'') on Monday, how do you reconcile the two scenarios? I believe it all boils down to wanting to use popular faces to promote the movie. You use a secular actor to promote your movie because he or she can sell tickets. Don't you care about the message you want to leave with your audience even after the movie is done?

We do not have monopoly over any individual except of course you want to start an agency for christian actors, but guess what? They aren't infallible to errors as well. But you'll agree with me, it's much better to promote a Christian movie with christian influencers and actors. This way, your audience who are easily swayed by the leads get to fall back on favorites who not only act the gospel but live it in their daily lives.

Have you ever watched a christian movie with secular actors? Did it leave you feeling some type of way or it didn't faze you? Am I the only one who feels some type of way?

Let me know, I'd love to hear your opinion.


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