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LFTW- Lessons From The Word

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Great I hope... and if things aren't going so well, press in to the Holy Spirit and keep asking him for help. You'll be fine.

A lot of times when I read the Word, I draw out a lot of lessons I wish I could share with others. Now remember I said ''a lot of times'' because Lord knows I don't know what to do with some books and chapters in some books. i.e Psalms. I looove the psalms but for someone who isn't given to so much poetry, rhythm and lines, I could only grasp the ones with clear messages 😩. Never mind, I'm sure the next time I come around psalms, it'll be a different experience.

Still, there are sometimes I study and I just sit back and say WHAAT! This is so AMAZING! I ABSOLUTELY LOOOVE reading your Word Lord.

There you have it! Lessons From The Word is me sharing the amazing draw outs I get from studying the Bible and relating it to our everyday lives. I mean it won't be LOTW without that now would it? 😉

Write to you soon.


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Interesting, this in depth coming from someone of this generation? Then something g good is in store

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