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Is The Bible Relatable To Kids?

Yes it is.

First of all, the fundamental reason we have the bible is so we can know God and be connected to Him. Through the word, He guides us.

Secondly, the bible teaches us that we have a real enemy, the devil. And he doesn't care if you are a child or an adult, he wants to harm you so you need to know your enemy to know how to deal with him.

Thirdly, the bible teaches us about our salvation in Christ Jesus and the authority we have in his name to fight against the enemy.

Fourthly, the bible teaches us how to live holy lives. It is also full of fun and adventurous stories we can learn from so we don't make the same mistakes others did. It reaches us values and helps shape our character.

We also learn that we have a very present helper, the Holy Spirit who helps us live above sin.

Spending our lives knowing about God and living life with Him is super important and I don't believe kids should left out of this.

Plus, the bible also says to train up a child in the way he should go and when he grows up, he will not depart from it.

Why do you think the Bible is relatable or not relatable to kids? Let's hear it in the comments.

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